Like the Beatles? Like Gypsy Jazz? Then you'll love the new Hot Club of San Francisco album "John, Paul, George, and Django". Produced and mixed by Jeff, this is the 14th recording by the Hot Club. It contains some brilliant arrangements and stellar playing by the usual suspects - Paul Mehling, Evan Price, and Sam Rocha. Isabelle is featured on vocals, and washboard and Jeff joins the fab five on melodica.

Available from AMAZON, ITUNES and HCSF.com.


"Meet Me in Paris"

Recorded in 2008, and still a blockbuster on Pandora, featuring members of the Hot Club of San Francisco, and other renowned SF Bay area artists.

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"Live at Yoshi's SF"

The 13th album recorded by the Hot Club of San Francisco, featuring Isabelle on vocals and Jeff on rhythm guitar and Dobro.

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"French Cafe Music"

Our version of Sous le Ciel de Paris appears on the Putumayo 2015 French Cafe compilation.



From French Cafe music to the French Quarter

She was born in France. He was born in San Francisco. She listened to Piaf, Montand, and Trenet. He listened to Louis Armstrong and Muddy Waters. She is Isabelle Fontaine He is Jeff Magidson. Together they are known as Duo Gadjo. Their music celebrates the union of two cultures, largely inspired by the sounds of the 20's and 30's, when jazz was the thing     and Paris was the place to be.   They accompany themselves on guitars, revisiting the American songbook Gypsy style. They also pay tribute to the music of New Orleans featuring Jeff on slide guitar and Isabelle on Washboard. They perform as a duo, trio (add upright bass,) or a quartet (add violin, or accordeon). Jeff and Isabelle are members of the band The Hot Club Of San Francisco.


Rent or purchase the new Duo Gadjo Live video!


In June 2016 our entire performance at Armando's was captured on video by Ken Fisch. It's all there, the joy, the heart-ache, the french stuff, the blues, and whatever that weird looking instrument is that Jeff blows into.

The video is available for rent or purchase here.

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